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Price sensitivity, volatile raw material costs, shorter product lifecycles, and new competition are driving fabricated metals manufacturers to look for new ways to operate. With aging ERPs and manufacturing systems that weren’t designed to handle many orders from one piece of material, it can be hard to drive improvement across the business. Metal fabricators need to:

  • Re-engineer business processes to support lean initiatives
  • Invest in more automation
  • Adopt new quality initiatives and offer value-added services
  • Enter new markets around the globe
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Grow Revenue and Profitability with Data-Driven Planning and Production

Gain Visibility from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor

Through integrated ERP technology, your business removes redundant processes, improves information accuracy, and builds a foundation for new value-added services. Epicor Kinetic brings together everything from marketing and sales through production and planning, sourcing, procurement, customer service, and finance. Add in contextual business intelligence, and you have insights when and where you need them.

Keep Customers at the Center of Your Business

Long-term customers are your best customers. With Epicor, you have the insights you need to quickly deliver customer quotes, efficiently schedule orders, and maintain delivery performance so you stay a supplier of choice.

  • Deliver accurate quotes with cost-based estimating
  • Look beyond simple MRP rules to manage production with “what-if” scenarios, multi-resource constraints, and capability-based scheduling
  • Digitize each step of cost-based estimates with customer signoffs
  • Close the loop with customers on every inquiry

Improve on Cost and Quality

Whether it’s implementing lean techniques, improving buying processes with just-in-time procurement, tightening collaboration throughout your supply chain, or proactively reducing downtime in the plant, Epicor solutions have you covered.

  • Kinetic provides inventory control alongside material requirements planning (MRP)
  • Nesting software integrations help you optimize material utilization and reduce scrap
  • Epicor Advanced MES provides automatic production monitoring
  • Machine-related data helps you pinpoint issues

Challenges We Help Solve

ERP Vendor Update: Metal Fabrication

Get 5 best practices for ERP vendor selection from Ultra Consultants and learn how Epicor Kinetic excels in meeting the unique needs of metal fabrication.


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