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A Collaborative Trading Partner Ecosystem

A strong supply chain is built upon an effective supplier relationship management program. Establishing approved key metrics for on-time shipments and invoicing helps you better manage inventory and customer deliveries. Using scorecards and dashboards to keep tabs on these metrics gives you a clear view into how suppliers are performing. A well-managed data quality process combined with cloud-based business intelligence software lets you access information from anywhere, facilitating positive collaboration across the value chain.

  • Improve supplier management
  • Strengthen business relationships
  • Improve supply chain decision-making
  • Drive quality and reduce errors


Improved Supplier Management

Establish a single source of truth for managing supplier dashboards, analytics, and achievements. Share results and metrics with suppliers to drive online collaboration while meeting key goals.

Strengthen Business Relationships

As you build your supplier management process, Epicor can help you with everything from onboarding a new supplier to communicating electronically at all stages of the supply chain.

Improve Supply Chain Decision Making

A single source of truth for supply chain data requires a strong data management process, intelligent integration technology, and full-stack business intelligence tools. Epicor cognitive ERP platforms can provide you with a complete system for improving supply chain decision-making.