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The Building Supply Industry Runs on Epicor

To remain competitive and thrive in a crowded market, you need to pivot quickly—adopting new technologies and business models, adapting to supply chain dynamics, and streamlining your work environments and practices. Trust Epicor to help you accelerate growth, maximize profitability, and position your business for ongoing growth with modern ERP solutions incorporating the latest technologies and automation tools.

Benefits to Building Suppliers

IDC study participants reported that they not only run their businesses more efficiently, but they also generate more revenue and improve both gross and net margins.

Made With You, For You

Epicor solutions are built by and for building suppliers with more out-of-the-box functionality and capabilities, reducing the need for customization and add-ons.

  • Customized dashboards provide integrated, real-time views of performance across your operations
  • User forums promote peer-to-peer collaboration and best practices sharing
  • Frequent releases of new and upgraded features anticipate customer needs

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Epicor building supply solutions help you offer stronger value-added services that keep your customers happy. Offering a seamless online experience, both at the checkout counter and in the warehouse, elevates customer satisfaction. The right system helps you see the big picture:

  • Deploy tools and dashboards to gain insights into customer preferences and behavior
  • Understand which customers are most profitable—and why
  • Connect sales, marketing, dispatch, and accounting staff to centralized customer data
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Streamline Operations

Improve accuracy, control, and productivity throughout your warehouse, shop floor, or yard using Epicor building supply solutions using people-centric Artificial Intelligence (AI). Integrated automation tools such as: inventory, manufacturing, and warehouse management tools increase productivity.

  • Apply intuitive, easy-to-use data analysis and business intelligence tools to improve decision-making
  • Make process workflows more efficient, improve budget and forecast accuracy, and confidently set your operational goals
  • Automate manual tasks to boost efficiency, accuracy, and employee satisfaction
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