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What is Epicor Eclipse?

Simplifying the Supply Chain

Eclipse simplifies the most complex distribution processes found in today’s dynamic supply chains. It’s more than “pick, pack, and ship.” It’s a robust, intuitive ERP solution designed to empower your employees, build efficiencies, and help you boost both your top and bottom lines.

Eclipse excels at the things that matter to you: front counter capabilities, work queues, job management, advanced inventory forecasting, EDI, and contract pricing. It’s designed around the business processes you use every day. We continually enhance Eclipse with the latest technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) – to deliver a modern platform that grows with you today and in years to come. It’s not a one-size-fits-all – it’s a solution fit for you.

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Epicor Eclipse ranked the #1 ERP solution for distributors by G2

Epicor Eclipse is a leader in Distribution ERP on G2
Epicor Eclipse is a leader in Small-Business Distribution ERP on G2
Epicor Eclipse is a leader in Distribution ERP on G2
Epicor Eclipse is a leader in Mid-Market ERP Systems on G2

Benefits to Distributors

Find Your Customers

Your customers are out there. If you want to connect with them in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, you need effective, easy-to-use eCommerce, mobile and automation tools that deliver self-serve capabilities and improved efficiencies. Layering in AI strengthens Eclipse to provide a powerful ERP solution. These are tools and technologies that the Epicor Eclipse system brings together – integrating them into your systems, gathering information from your eCommerce storefront and mobile employees, increasing visibility, and making sure everyone from the web to the shipping dock is working together.

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Tailor Your Business to Your Customers’ Needs

It might seem daunting to take on massive, low-price distributors, but you have something they don’t—the ability to customize. Stand out from the crowd by meeting specific client requirements and anticipating special requests. Serve customers better by managing job bids, converting bids into booked orders, staging purchases during execution, and making deliveries to differing locations. Enhance the productivity of sales representatives by recommending popular accessory items, potentially boosting sales revenue for the sales team. This takes you beyond pick–pack–ship to a new level of focus on your customers’ business types, goals, and needs.

Expand Your Business With Managed Inventory Services

"Right item, right place, right time" is a key concept for every distributor. After all, inventory is the life-blood of your business. Successful distributors keep high levels of profitable items in stock while paring down those that are less With the built-in management tools of Eclipse, you can increase inventory turns and reduce your inventory investment, delighting your customers while maximizing your ROI. Easily calculate your inventory value in real time while making quick turns with cycle-counting functionality and system-produced count sheets.


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