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Why Cognitive ERP Matters Now

To meet the needs of today’s business environment, ERP needs to transform from a system of record to a system of insights and action. At Epicor, we are innovating with AI to deliver on this exciting future, a vision we call Cognitive ERP. AI-infused ERP will drive significant advancements in decision-making, forecasting, customer service, and overall operational efficiency. This transformed ERP software is the dynamic tool that can propel industries into a new era of technological empowerment.

New AI Capabilities

Epicor Unveils Integrated Portfolio of AI and Data Management Capabilities Built Specifically for the Supply Chain Industries.


Get an Insight Advantage with Grow AI

Epicor Grow AI transforms the ERP experience with AI that is easy-to-use, practical, and outcomes-focused. Epicor Grow AI surfaces insights with high speed and accuracy to solve industry-focused challenges in the familiar context of a customer’s Epicor solutions.

Epicor differentiates with a unique combination of industry-focused ERP, data structure, and AI that keeps your people at the center, reducing friction, and automating connections with machines, so you experience higher accuracy of data retrieval to deliver more value for your business.


Enhanced Predictive Analysis

Epicor FP&A utilizes AI and ML to transform financial and operational data, offering insights from diverse sources, including ERP and SCM systems. This facilitates improved forecasting accuracy and strategic planning, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions

Operational Efficiency and Automation

Epicor ECM with AP Automation unlocks efficiency and emerges as a transformative force. By seamlessly weaving intelligent data capture and AI into the fabric of content and process automation, it reshapes the procure-to-pay landscape. Using AI algorithms, our solution can automatically classify documents, be it invoices, purchase orders, or receipts. AP Automation provides a streamlined process that eliminates manual sorting and accelerates decision-making.

Inventory Optimization

Epicor Smart Inventory Planning & Optimization (IP&O) offers an easy-to-use, AI-driven inventory planning and optimization suite of web applications that extend Epicor ERP functionalities with new and functionally deep strategic planning capabilities. Smart IP&O fine-tunes demand forecasts and stocking policies, ensuring optimal daily ordering within the trusted Epicor ERP system. By intelligently extending ERP functionalities, Smart IP&O predicts future costs, spending, and service levels to empower businesses to make strategic inventory decisions that align with business goals and boost profits.

Delivery Route Optimization

Elite EXTRA route optimization utilizes advanced genetic algorithms and Ant Colony Optimization to efficiently tackle complex delivery challenges, including time constraints and sequencing. Our expert system rules engine automates order assignments to delivery providers, boosting efficiency and reducing costs by optimizing routes and decisions in real-time.

The Future of Supply Chain Management

See how AI and automation help supply chain management practitioners reduce costs, optimize inventory, and redeploy teams to more strategic tasks.

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Challenges We Help Solve

The Value of Supply Chain Technology

According to a recent Gartner® report, “Supporting digital supply chain transformation with the use of emerging technologies remains a top-funded initiative for supply chain organizations.”

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