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What is Epicor Prophet 21?

From Inventory to Logistics, Keep Everything in Balance

Your company’s operations are intricately woven together in a complex supply chain with razor-thin margins. Success hinges on your ability to manage this process with precision. Epicor Prophet 21 unlocks the potential of your supply chain to help grow sales, boost productivity, and drive profits.

  • Data-driven distribution solution with industry-specific functionality
  • Cloud-based applications to modernize and mobilize operations
  • Connected ecosystems to ensure visibility across your business
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Benefits to Distributors

Take Control of Your #1 Expense

Say goodbye to inventory headaches. With real-time inventory insights, you’ll always know exactly what’s in stock. This makes it easy to reduce excess supply, know when to re-order, and improve turn times and cash flow.

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Break Free From Warehouse Bottlenecks

Operational efficiency is the name of the game for you, your business, and your customers. Reduce slowdowns, minimize misplaced inventory issues, and keep your warehouse working like a well-oiled machine with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed specifically for distributors.

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Use Insights to Drive Action in Competitive Markets

Get the full picture of where you stand now and where your business is headed with up-to-the-minute financial reports and dashboards. Track sales by employee and order type, review outstanding invoices by customer, and have information on receivables at your fingertips.


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