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Assemble Your Full Data Potential

Discrete manufacturing is a complex business, with diverse inputs from raw materials to works in-progress along with machining, assembly, and other production steps. It’s simpler to manage the complexities when your data is working for you everywhere you are—from the shop floor to the boardroom. That’s why so many discrete manufacturers are moving to data-rich smart manufacturing.

  • Optimize lean manufacturing to reduce waste
  • Gain visibility from raw materials to final product
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and idle equipment
  • Elevate the customer experience
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Partnering With Businesses Like Yours

Smart Manufacturing: Your Trusted ERP Partner

Know Where to Start, Choose How to Evolve

Epicor software brings 50+ years of manufacturing industry experience to your digital transformation. Our ERP and manufacturing solutions deliver decades of proven best practices, and are curated to your business needs. Implement change at your pace through product lifecycle management, engineering, inventory, production, customer service, finance, and field service.

Connected Systems Provide a Single Source of Truth

Integrated ERP technology runs on consistent data, giving you better control and visibility into key areas of your business. From forecasting sales to building production schedules, stop guessing and start optimizing.

  • Forecast demand with confidence
  • Group and schedule similar orders to optimize machine use
  • Calculate inventory needs with precision
  • Quote, invoice, and collect faster

Tap into the Internet of Things

Tightly connect your shop floor to your entire business. Epicor Advanced MES transports data from your machines to your ERP for production scheduling, traceability, quality management, maintenance management, and more.

  • Improve scheduling agility
  • Implement continuous improvement methodologies
  • Optimize production processes and quality

Challenges Solved for Discrete Manufacturing

70% of frontline workers say their company prioritizes upskilling.

Find out how investing in technology and employees can boost morale—and your bottom line.

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