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Fostering Opportunity and Connection

We understand that success is a collaborative effort. Our strong connections with each other, our customers, and communities inspire us to work together for a brighter global future. We're proud of our diverse, multi-generational workforce of 4,500 employees across 32 countries. We’ll continue to take action to help ensure a positive and inclusive environment for everyone.

Partnership for Sustainability

Sustainability is a challenge that we can solve if we work together and collaborate with transparency, and by learning from each other.

As well as developing software to help track and measure environmental initiatives and providing the insights to help our customers act, we are working to provide our customers and employees with education and forums to share their ideas and to promote their sustainability progress and successes.

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Taking Time to Give Back


Enhancing our Environmental Impact

Epicor solutions are integral to the make, move, sell economy—empowering our customers to attract eco-conscious suppliers, boost efficiency, and promote innovation while meeting regulatory requirements. We help businesses improve environmental compliance, reduce raw materials, optimize carbon footprints, and manage waste and recycling.

The Enduring Value of Integrity

At Epicor, we believe that good governance is the cornerstone of responsible corporate citizenship. We uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability in all aspects of our business operations. As part of our commitment to employee education, we require the following courses through our Epicor Learning portal: Employee Code of Conduct, Preventing Harassment and Discrimination, and Data Privacy.