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Epicor LumberTrack

Lumber Inventory Software

Increase productivity, revenue, and growth with LumberTrack.

The Epicor LumberTrack enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution provides manufacturers of lumber and other wood products including treated wood, panel products, and remanufactured products with vital tools for business growth.

With LumberTrack, you can:

  • Track inventory—from log yard, to mill, and reload yard.
  • Improve accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness for outstanding customer service.
  • Analyze and optimize operations to reduce costs and maximize return on inventory investment.
  • Accelerate sales with real-time visibility into demand and production.

Epicor Solutions for Lumber and Building Materials Dealers

Optimize Your Entire Business With Epicor LumberTrack

Warehouse Management

Improve accuracy, control, and productivity throughout your warehouse and yard operations with cloud-enabled Epicor Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS).

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LumberTrack empowers your sales staff to close deals faster with timely, accurate information.


Provide greater customer service with accurate detailed invoices based on up-to-date information.


Improve vendor relationships and buying processes with better, simpler supply chain management

Financial Management

Integrated financial management tools let you easily store data and analyze key metrics.

Shipping and Logistics

Stay on top of shipments with real-time information regarding inventory and delivery status.


Accurately track every order throughout the entire production cycle to maintain project timelines.

Data Warehousing Reporting

Run detailed reports and get up-to-the-minute business data to make solid decisions.

Inventory Management

Real-time inventory information lets you manage your warehouse more accurately and efficiently.

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