Epicor is a True Value Technology Partner. Epicor Eagle N Series retail business management software helps over 1,200 True Value locations thrive, despite tough, big box competition, through superior customer engagement and greater efficiency.

  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences at checkout and beyond with advanced POS and mobile technology

  • Boost margins and profits with integrated inventory management, purchasing and receiving tools
  • Optimize inventory and overall business performance by making fast, informed decisions using intuitive, on-screen analytics

  • Cut costs while providing exceptional customer service by seamlessly taking advantage of online, mobile and wireless technologies

Over 1,200 True Value locations rely on Epicor Eagle N Series to help them drive business growth

Discover how Alsip Home & Nursery runs more efficiently with Epicor Eagle software and saved $17k in the first seven months of using Epicor Payment Exchange.

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Discover how Cornell’s True Value boosted margins by 2% in one year and reduced inventory by about 5%.


Find out how C.A. Lindell & Son saved 8-12 hours a month on workforce management with Epicor Scheduling+.

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Eagle N Series gives you the capabilities you need to take your business where you want it to go.


Eagle N Series simplifies the user experience, make complex processes easier.


Service your customers, stay informed, and make decisions—from anywhere.

Epicor Eagle N Series is a fully integrated Retail POS system to drive growth, profitability, and customer loyalty.

With 40+ years of experiences, Epicor is not just a technology provider, but your business partner to help you grow your business.

Integrated Retail POS

Optimize your business —from customer orders and POS, to inventory management, financials, mobile and online capabilities.

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Defend Against Data Security Breaches

Discover how to build a stronghold to protect your data, inventory, and profits.


Competing with Mobility

Learn how mobility can help you compete and win in this white paper.

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