Your Smart Factory

Connect systems, sensors, machines, and people like never before. Epicor IoT combines the power of Microsoft Azure IoT Hub with data and context from Epicor ERP. With Epicor IoT, you get even clearer insight into the operations and day-to-day activities of your enterprise.

  • Create rule-based alerts to anticipate and prevent issues
  • Track and visualize dynamic inventory to help locate process bottlenecks
  • Increase automation and let workers focus on creative and problem-solving tasks
  • Visualize data using EDD and EDA

Example Epicor IoT Workflow

Step 1

IoT-enabled sensors send their readings to IoT Hub

Step 2

Epicor ERP reads events from IoT Hub

Step 3

Epicor creates a new maintenance order suggestion

Step 4

Maintenance department approves suggestion and schedules maintenance