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What Customers Want Most From Cloud-Based ERP

August 03, 2022


The Epicor 2022 Industry Insights Report illuminates the need for ongoing partnership.

When the world’s most essential businesses are considering a new ERP solution provider, what are they looking for throughout their journey to the cloud? The Epicor 2022 Industry Insights Report (IIR) explores these customer preferences in depth, with what Enterprise Times Editor Steve Brooks calls, “a refreshingly new focus.”

According to Brooks, “The report has different and interesting insights for readers compared to other research around ERP,” including the importance companies place on flexibility, security, consistency, and transparency at each stage of choosing a technology solution.

In detailing the levels of satisfaction among industry leaders before, during, and after the implementation of a new ERP system, the IIR highlights the need for a solid partnership that extends from initial consultation to well after go-live. When this level of engagement is successful, both the solution provider and the company reap the benefits of increased retention and greater utility of the system as a whole.

“This,” Brooks concludes, “is the reality for cloud-based ERP.”

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