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10 Compelling Reasons to Choose Cloud ERP Now

June 14, 2022

When you break down digital transformation into its component parts, it becomes evident that all roads lead to the cloud.

So that’s what this post is about—breaking down the ROI of cloud-based ERP into 10 simple benefit statements that together make a compelling argument for beginning, or accelerating, your journey to the cloud.

1. Build agility and resilience.

Digital technologies allow you to monitor performance more precisely, enabling you to identify challenges and opportunities sooner. More robust data analytics equip you with insights that will make your business more agile and resilient.

2. Profit from predictable, managed costs.

One of the most compelling arguments for cloud computing is proven ROI. Lower upfront costs, predictable monthly subscriptions, and lower IT expenses are powerful incentives.

3. Anticipate and quickly adjust to changes in customer needs and expectations.

Customers expect seamless discovery, purchasing, and engagement with your company. Digital transformation can improve lead generation, sales cycles, close rates, repeat business, customer satisfaction, customer support, and operating costs.

4. Outperform new entrants and established competitors.

All industries are vulnerable to new cloud-native entrants—companies launched as cloud-based solutions. Early adoption of digital technology will defend against those new entrants and create an advantage over current competitors. 

5. Adapt and thrive in a mobile world.

Cloud deployment gives you system access through wired and wireless networks. Employees using tablets, smartphones, laptops, and PCs stay connected. Users can access the system anytime, anywhere, to run your business.

6. Leverage the potential of new technologies.

New technologies can unlock time and value by challenging how you do business today. For example, with a cloud-based system, your technology stack is always up to date, and you benefit from every upgrade being created automatically.

7. Attract and retain high-quality talent.

Just as a new generation of customers enters the market, so too does a new generation of digital-native employees. Your team expects the best digital tools to help them perform at their best. In a competitive employment market, digital technologies can provide an advantage in attracting and retaining talent.

8. Transform your IT operations.

Cloud deployment is fast. You don’t have to buy hardware or databases, or install and initialize the system. Your system is always up to date because every upgrade and patch is deployed automatically. Your IT staff won’t disappear when you move to the cloud. They’ll be able to eliminate time spent handling hardware maintenance, database administration, and system backups. Instead, they can focus on high-value strategic priorities.

9. Improve security, availability, and reliability.

Most companies with on-premises systems don’t have high-security data centers protected by top-of-the-line digital defenses and armed guards as today’s cloud data centers do. Combine unmatched security with built-in redundancies and failsafe procedures, and it’s easy to understand why cloud deployments are so compelling from an infrastructure perspective.

10. Scale your system dynamically.

Over the course of a year, you experience operational shifts like seasonality, an ebb and flow of users, and system optimization decisions. Scaling your solution in the cloud means you can respond to these changes quickly. There’s no need to buy and deploy more servers to support more users, and you won’t have unused/underused hardware if you need to scale back.

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