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Steve Murphy on AI in 2024

In a recent Forbes article titled “AI In 2024: Beware Hallucinations, Pinpoint The Problem And Never Replace The Human Connection,” Steve Murphy, the CEO of Epicor, emphasizes the critical role of humans in the success of artificial intelligence (AI).

January 31, 2024

As we navigate the exciting landscape of AI breakthroughs, it’s essential to recognize that humans remain central to its effective implementation.

Here are some key takeaways:

Problem-Centric AI

To unlock the full potential of AI, businesses must pinpoint specific problems they want AI to address. Different industries require tailored AI models designed to solve precise challenges. For instance:

  • In healthcare, AI models can focus on answering medical queries.
  • Wall Street can benefit from AI models that educate on trading treasury bonds during declining interest rates.

Understanding AI

Business leaders need to understand how AI works. As AI models become more sophisticated, distinguishing between accurate information and “GenAI hallucinations” becomes challenging. The more an AI model is tuned to be “human-like,” the more creativity it exhibits. Just like humans have daydreams, AI models can also generate imaginative outputs. Learning about the model’s inner workings helps make informed decisions for business strategies.

Human Connection

While AI can enhance efficiency and productivity, it should never replace the human connection. The empathy, intuition, and emotional understanding that humans bring to interactions cannot be replicated by machines. Businesses should leverage AI as a tool to augment human capabilities rather than supplant them.

In summary, AI’s success lies in problem-solving precision, understanding the technology, and preserving the irreplaceable human touch. As we embrace AI’s potential, let’s remember that it complements our abilities rather than substitutes for them.

Read the full Forbes article here.