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Paint Your Future Bright With 50+ Years of Industry Expertise

Despite tough big box competition, paint and decorating retailers can thrive in competitive markets by delivering superior customer engagement, greater efficiency, and a better overall experience. With Epicor, you can seamlessly run almost every aspect of your paint store—from the register to the back office, online, and in the aisles.

  • Focus fully on customers, whether in store or online
  • Optimize purchasing, inventory, and total business performance
  • Maximize overall margins even as demand and prices fluctuate
  • Cut inventory costs without sacrificing revenue by buying smart
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Partnering With Businesses Like Yours

For over 50 years, we’ve developed software to help independent paint and decorating businesses operate more efficiently with industry-specific solutions. See how we’ve made a difference for these retailers:

Connect Your Paint and Decorating Business and Create Exceptional Customer Service

Run Your Business with a Trusted Partner

Whether you’re changing processes or growing your eCommerce business, your partner’s experience matters—and Epicor has decades of experience with businesses. Epicor for Retail solutions delivers expertise and built-in best practices to improve efficiencies, drive growth, and keep up with changing customer needs.

Simplify Sales and Service at Point of Sale

Integrated point of sale (POS) and retail management systems give you a leg up to serve customers better and faster.

  • Deliver a personalized customer experience at POS while growing wallet share
  • Instantly locate products and answer customer questions
  • Simplify everyday tasks and new hire onboarding with easy-to-use software

Optimize Business Performance

With an integrated retail management system, you’ll gain better insight into your business and be able to act quickly. Run your daily operations efficiently with proven business processes, advanced POS, and online and mobile technologies.

  • Make fast, informed decisions using intuitive on-screen analytics
  • Diversify product mix and optimize pricing
  • Accurately forecast inventory needs and restock at the right time

Challenges Solved for Paint and Decorating Retailers

The Business Value of Epicor for Retail

The research firm IDC interviewed independent retailers currently using Epicor solutions and calculated the value they realized.


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