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When Regal Paint Centers was looking for a new point of sale solution to manage its nine locations, the company wanted something specifically made for the paint and decorating industry.

The company also wanted the solution to be easy to use, and to provide analytics and reporting in order to make better business decisions. Regal Paint Centers chose Epicor Decor Fusion as the best fit for their business.

Tailor-Made for the Paint and Decor Industry

Before selecting Decor Fusion, Regal Paint used a point of sale (POS) system that was not designed for the paint and decorating industry.

The software was cumbersome, required multiple steps to complete simple tasks, and an investment in computer hardware. The monthly fees for the software were also cost-prohibitive. With Decor Fusion, Regal found a POS software solution made for paint and decorating retailers.

It also needed them to make additional investments in computer hardware, and the monthly fees for the software were cost prohibitive. With Decor Fusion, Regal found a POS software custom-made for the paint and decorating industry. The software includes workflows and integrations explicitly designed to help paint retailers improve efficiencies and help on providing a more streamlined, straightforward user experience for employees. Decor Fusion also offers a cloud option, eliminating the need for expensive hardware setup, and monthly fees are more cost-effective than Regal’s previous system.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

With dozens of employees, having streamlined, easy-to-use POS software is vital for ensuring new employees can get up and running as quickly as possible. With Decor Fusion's intuitiveness, Regal could cut new employee training time down by half, getting new employees out of training mode and into selling more quickly and reducing the need for experienced employees to spend additional time training new staff.

One of my favorite benefits of Epicor Decor Fusion is how easy it is for new users. It is intuitive, streamlined, and tailor-made for painting and decorating retail stores. I like how it interfaces with Microsoft Excel and lets me import and export reports. It has helped make our business more efficient. And I like working with the Decor Fusion Support team – they have a very good support staff.

Industry Partnerships and Advanced Analytics

As a Benjamin Moore retailer, Regal works with Benjamin Moore to share various information related to sales, inventory, pricing, and more. Through Decor Fusion's partnership with Benjamin Moore, many of these information-sharing tasks have been streamlined within the POS software, including automation and tracking features, resulting in smoother processes, fewer mistakes, and increased efficiency. Exporting reports to Microsoft Excel is also a key feature and allows Regal to easily manipulate, analyze and work with its important data across multiple departments.

Decor Fusion Support

The team at Regal Paint Centers regularly works with the Decor Fusion Support Team to get the most out of their investment. Regal works with the Support Team to add new customers to the system, develop custom reports, and help troubleshoot any issues that arise. Regal also provides regular feedback and recommendations for new or enhanced features in the software, which further contributes to the development of the software, assuring Decor Fusion always helps to serve the needs of Regal’s business.

Company Facts

  • Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Specialist Industry: Paint and Decorating Retail Stores
  • Website:


  • Managing 9 locations with non-industry specific solution.

  • Cumbersome system difficult to train new employees.

  • Insufficient reporting and analytics.


  • Increased efficiencies with a more streamlined user experience.
  • Cloud-based solution eliminated expense for hardware investment.
  • Intuitive system decreased new employee training time by 50%.
  • Automation and tracking functionality minimized mistakes and increased efficiency.
  • Data-driven decisions helped increase profitability.
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