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The Challenges

Xenith Success Story

The industry was stagnant

The protective gear industry, in general, hasn’t digitally transformed their sales processes. It still involves sales reps coordinating in-person meetings and offering no ability for customers to buy online. Xenith saw this as an opportunity. If they could meet their customer’s needs, wherever they are, they could leap ahead of their large competitors. In order to do this, their Digital Innovation team knew that they had to sell to their customers in a completely new way.

Xenith needed more focused visitors

Xenith wanted to create an awesome customer experience, having previously deployed an early version of a 3D product visualizer from ThreeKit to sell their football helmets. The problems began as web visitors seemed to get off-track quickly, playing with the widget instead of converting to a sale. The 3D helmet wasn’t easy to reposition, and the mobile experience was frustrating. They also couldn’t maintain or update the solution internally. Xenith knew they needed a more flexible and maintainable visual CPQ solution.

COVID-19 further complicated matters

COVID-19 further complicated matters

The company’s sales reps couldn’t meet with coaches and teams in locker rooms anymore, to show them components, material, pricing, and options. They needed to effectively and easily sell their helmets digitally. How could Xenith capitalize on this hidden opportunity to drive a more eCommerce-centered sales model for their helmets as well as their entire catalog?

The Solution: Xenith digitally transformed to allow for easy selling of their complex products

Epicor CPQ provided game-changing results for Xenith