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The Challenges

Reducing complexity of the sale, to sell more

NanaWall aimed to substantially increase the sales of one of their complex product lines that was very hard to explain to their customers. The depth of configurability of the products, along with a desire to provide a visual experience, sent them on a quest to implement a visual selling solution.

They figured the best way to affect their bottom line would be to reinvent the sales process and simplify the customer experience. They needed to expose their products to customers directly, by providing the ability to virtually self-serve and configure their own glass wall systems, customize the related options, and then see it animate in 3D – right in front of them.

Reducing manual touch

NanaWall wanted to improve and automate their design and solution process between their architects and designers. They didn’t operate from a centralized catalog of configurations, and hand-offs were required between sales and design teams to get an order put together.

In order to illustrate the product options for customers visually, the NanaWall team was toiling over custom videos for every combination of unit/layout for each system. This was a time-consuming effort to create and maintain these videos and were not directly tied to the sales experience.

Nananwall Success Story

The Solution: NanaWall delivered visual selling across all channels, while enhancing their entire business process