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Bradfords Building Supplies

Safely Serving Customers with BisTrack Delivery

Bradfords Building Supplies stands out from the competition, relying on BisTrack Delivery to help safely serve customers with collection pickup times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early in the pandemic, stores and yards were closed to keep staff and customers at a safe distance from each other. However, Bradfords did not react by closing their business entirely. Bradfords developed a way to continue serving customers during this time, following the guidelines for maintaining safe physical distance and controlling the overall capacity.

In just 24 hours, Bradfords adapted the BisTrack Delivery application,
which they used for standard deliveries, to meet the need for a new, touchless “collect later” app they call Click & Collect. This unique application enabled them to do business in a safe manner, while most competitors were temporarily closed.

Pivoting to meet demand

Bradfords got creative and used a delivery time slot in BisTrack Journey Planner as a collection slot for each branch. Each branch determined the number of “collection” slots and pick up times that were safe for both staff and customers, based on branch size and staffing levels.

Customer collection information is printed out on their picking note and
Bradfords’ yard staff is assigned picking for collections. Once the customer shows up at the allocated time, the “collect later” document is generated with all of the order and customer information. The customer signs the paperwork and Bradfords uses the BisTrack Delivery app to take a photograph of the signed paperwork and then the goods and customer are on their way! Paperwork is never passed back and forth between Bradfords and customers. The customer leaves with the order and paperwork.

“The BisTrack Delivery App, when used in-conjunction with Journey Planner, gave us the flexibility to create a Click & Collect process within 24 hours. Bradfords was able to continue serving customers while maintaining social distancing, ensuring the safety of our Customers and employees, whilst our competition had to remain initially closed.”
Jonathan Chard, IT Director
Bradfords Building Supplies

This process has removed the need to scan a document. The delivery app replaces the scanning function by taking a photo and automatically attaching it as a related document to the transaction. This enables employees and customers to remain at a safe distance from each other, and never have to pass paperwork back and forth.

Set up and launched new process in 24 short hours!

While certain businesses were forced to close, Bradfords was challenged to come up with a way to process orders safely. Bradfords put the Click & Collect process in place and trained staff to function in a new way within 24 hours.

While their competitors remained closed for two months, Bradfords employees got on board quickly with training videos to 700 employees at over 40 locations and converted a delivery pilot program into a timed collection slot process. They were able to start serving customers within 24
hours. The process they created with BisTrack Delivery jumped them ahead of the curve and more importantly allowed them to stay open and to safely meet customer demands.

Overall, since the pandemic, Bradfords online orders have boomed. May sales exceeded £1M in sales, a new record high, nearly double the previous record. Their retail segment has grown as the interest in do-it-yourself projects
grow. While shops are open, Bradfords takes additional precautions in the yards, escorting customers to ensure that the reduced customer and vehicle
maximum capacity is adhered to for everyone’s safety. All of this was made possible by BisTrack Delivery and BisTrack Journey Planner applications.

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  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Industry: Building Supplies
  • Number of employees: 740
  • Website:


  • Find a way to safely serve customers during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Convert typical delivery process to a touchless “collect later app”
  • Adapt new system in 24 hours to meet customer demand


  • BisTrack, part of the Epicor for Building Supply solution set
  • BisTrack Journey Planner, part of the Epicor for Building Supply solution set


  • Enabled Bradfords to stay open while competitors remained closed
  • Converted delivery process to “Click and Collect” in less than 24 hours
  • Ensured customer and employee safety through touchless applications
  • Set new monthly, online sales record of £1M
  • Trained 700 employees across 43 branches in less than 24 hours

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