See How Epicor is Helping its Customers Grow

Epicor Prophet 21 Helps Radwell International Overcome Industry Disruptions and Rise in eCommerce

"Now we're using robotics in our warehouses. This is what allows us to place orders and ship the same day. It's been a huge increase in efficiency." 
John Janthor, Vice President of Information Technology | Radwell International


Epicor Helps LH Industrial Supplies Move to the Cloud and Maximize Efficiency

“Moving to the cloud with Prophet 21 takes away the cost and burden of maintaining our server and allows us to fully focus on the business. We’re now able to access the system anywhere— allowing us to be more productive.”

—Kregg Cheek, President | LH Industrial Supplies


Warshauer Electric Supply

“What you can do with this system is limitless. It’s life-changing for our company—and very exciting.” 

James Warshauer | CEO and President, Warshauer Electric Supply


Sistema Plastics

Sistema is an iconic New Zealand based company that manufactures, markets and distributes stackable food-safe plastic kitchen storage containers. From humble beginnings in 1982, the company has grown to become a world-leading brand that exports to over 100 countries worldwide and counts its customers in the millions.


Epicor BisTrack Helps A.L.L. Roofing Materials Track Inventory and Improve Processes

“It’s all right there at my fingertips. I don’t have to hunt somebody down. I don’t have to wait at anyone’s desk. The system has made the whole team more connected.”

Nick Posey | Purchasing manager, A.L.L. Roofing Materials


Epicor Eclipse Software Helps F.D. Lawrence Electric Co. Modernize and Compete in the Electrical Distribution Market

“We now have the tools to better understand the opportunities in the marketplace today as we continue to utilize the data to identify new opportunities to expand our customer base."

Jamie Beckett President, F.D. Lawrence Electric Co 


Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS)

“With its JIS Express buttons, JIS has been able to reach a whole new customer demographic. We box out competitors by giving customers a reason to keep giving JIS their business—a smart, ‘sticky,’ just-in-time inventory management solution that offers ultimate convenience and can scale as they grow.”

Matt Schron | General Manager, Jergens Industrial Supply (JIS)


Bracalente Produces Global Growth With Epicor ERP

“We deployed our first Epicor ERP solution back in 1998 to address purely domestic business challenges, A decade later, following global growth of the business, we extended the solution. As a result, our U.S. and Chinese operations were utilizing Epicor platforms to enable the synchronized management of procurement, planning, scheduling, and more.”

Scott Keaton,

Vice president and CFO 


Emirates Metallic Industries Company Limited (EMIC)

“We wanted a solution that is specifically designed to fit the unique needs of the SMB manufacturing sector. Based on my research and discussions with industry peers—including other Epicor customers in the region—I was convinced that Epicor ERP ticked that box,”

Mohammed Alkolak, ERP manager|EMIC


Biu Chun Watch Hands & Parts Manufacturers Limited

“Staff often needed to review the requirements of individual customers
manually—something that consumed significant amounts of time. Modifying
these documents required considerable effort—Just one mistake could have
grave production consequences,”

Michael Mok, Chief Financial Officer BCWH


Cox Hardware and Lumber

Epicor Eagle N Series software merges everything we’ve bought and built to date, enabling intelligent, timelier and ultimately more profitable decisions. The Eagle N Series solution ‘brings to life’ Compass analytics because it puts useful analytics into employees’ hands.
Virgil Cox, Owner Cox Hardware and Lumber


Crystal Jade Singapore

Founded in 1991, Crystal Jade is a Michelin-starred culinary group that offers specialty dining concepts—ranging from fine dining and casual dining restaurants to specialty bakeries. One of the most prominent restaurant chains in the Asia Pacific, the Singapore-based group owns and operates more than 120 outlets in 30 major cities across the region.