Forecast Pro

Forecast Pro is designed to support large-scale forecasting jobs, collaborative forecasting, working with complex hierarchies, maintaining multiple forecast overrides, documenting your forecasting sessions and integrating with historical data from your ERP and other systems. With Forecast Pro you can create accurate forecasts quickly and easily using proven statistical forecasting methods such as Exponential Smoothing, Box-Jenkins, Event Models, Multiple-level Models, Seasonal Simplification, Low Volume Models, Intermittent Demand Models, Moving Averages, Curve Fitting, and Simple Methods.

Solution Benefits

Forecast Pro will allow your company to have deeper discussions with better information. By coupling the quantitative framework provided by Forecast Pro with the qualitative input from sales and marketing, you will be able to create true consensus with a better view of the market and its needs.

  • Easy to use and affordable, starting at $5,000 USD
  • Predict decreased demand and avoid excess inventory buildup
  • Meet seasonal or other predictable surges in demand
  • Build up stock slowly to meet predicted surges in demand


The forecasts can be based on any data source including Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP), iScala, and Vantage/Vista Statistics. The resulting forecast can be graphed and adjusted at an item or family level within Forecast Pro, adjusted using local or collaborative tools and then exported back to the ERP system for use in manufacturing or distribution planning.





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