Grow your donations, sales, and productivity

Built with over 45 years of experience in retail and point of sale (POS) solutions, Epicor Retail Cloud is a modern, easy-to-use retail management solution, designed for thrift and specialty retailers. Epicor Retail Cloud helps you:

  • Serve customers quickly and efficiently
  • Speed and simplify everyday tasks
  • Gain greater visibility with real-time analytics
  • Increase donations and sales while controlling costs
  • Drive loyalty with flexible rewards programs
  • Bring team members up to speed faster with embedded help tools

Epicor Retail Cloud Capabilities

Point of Sale

Simplify sales transactions and delight customers with the intuitive POS functionality.

Price Management

Simplify price changes and enable promotions like buy-one-get-one (BOGO) and bag/bucket.

Learning Tools

Unprecedented help and learning resources at every turninteractive tours, guided learning, videos, and articles. 

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Feature-rich, flexible loyalty programs let you reward your best customers and create new ones.

Analytics and Reporting

Embedded dashboards and reports deliver real-time insights on customers, sales, inventory, and more, enabling better decision-making.

Inventory Management

Intuitive inventory tools help your team with labeling, counting, pricing, and more—helping your goods move more quickly.

Exceed Your Thrift Goals

Learn how Epicor can help your thrift team get more done, make fewer errors, delight customers and advance your mission.

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With the cloud, technology comes through the Internet. Learn how your team can focus on customers, not IT headaches.

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See how Epicor Retail Cloud helps team members get more done, using virtually any device, and helps managers make faster, smarter decisions.

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