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A business underpinned by expertise

Located in Tillson, New York, Kalleco Nursery is a plant nursery selling trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals, as well as gardening supplies and hardscape materials. Established in 2013, the business has strong growth and demand is high with people taking on more gardening and home improvement projects during the pandemic.

“We’re expecting to grow and expand the business, and there’s a good opportunity to offer more products and services,” says Rebecca Iseldyke, Administrative Assistant at Kalleco Nursery.

Kalleco prides itself on its specialty and continuously trains and educates its staff so they can offer good customer service and guidance on plants. The staff helps customers with product information as well as share their knowledge on planting and landscaping tips.

Moving inventory more quickly

With Kalleco’s large number and variety of product lines, inventory management was a challenge.

“It’s very easy to lose track of inventory,” explains Rebecca. “If just one box of shovels arrives and it doesn’t get counted, it doesn’t take long for your inventory to snowball out of control.”

Kalleco selected Epicor Propello for better inventory management and point of sale capabilities to streamline inventory management. More efficient labeling, counting, and pricing is helping goods move more quickly, while making the customer experience smooth and satisfactory.

Epicor Propello is so user-friendly and modern, and the improved visibility of inventory, plus business analytics has been a game changer.

In real time, the Kalleco team can now track sales, identify their best-selling products, and check when the next order is arriving on any item.

Building customer loyalty

Optimized and automated processes give Kalleco’s employees more time to build customer loyalty, too. They can get to know every repeat customer and use Epicor Propello’s customer view to see all critical customer information in one place.

“We can create different customer profiles and accounts, and the system allows us to offer customers to purchase items on account and pay later,” Rebecca explains. “There are just so many features that can help with different areas of the business.”

Epicor Propello also empowers Kalleco’s staff with the ability to enter detailed notes about products that employees can easily access, whether it’s the length of a pipe or the weight of a stone. It’s helping to create a better customer experience.


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Company Facts

  • Location: Tillson, New York
  • Specialist Industry: Nursery, Garden Center, and Farm Supply Stores
  • Website:


  • Inventory management for Kalleco Nursery’s large variety
  • Needed a solution to support business growth
  • Lack of real-time information from inventory and sales


  • Automated processes gave employees more time to build customer loyalty
  • Efficient labeling, counting, and pricing processes
  • Improved inventory management and sale capabilities  
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