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The Value of People-Centric AI

Creating new synergies between workforce and machines

March 11, 2024


In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a beacon of innovation. As an experienced product marketer with over two decades of experience in the tech realm, I’ve witnessed AI’s transformative power firsthand. Today, let’s explore the concept of People-Centric AI—a paradigm that places human creativity and problem-solving at its core.

The Essence of People-Centric AI

By deploying AI to enhance workflows, reduce errors, and derive insights, we empower our workforce. But what sets People-Centric AI apart? It’s the seamless alignment with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for data interpretation. This synergy helps ensure a more efficient, adaptive, and strategic approach, allowing human creativity to lead in problem-solving and innovation1.

Unlocking Efficiency and Engagement

Imagine ERP screens infused with AI capabilities—screens that your team interacts with daily. Whether entering sales orders, managing returns, or analyzing grids of information, AI seamlessly integrates data into their workflow. Epicor, a global industry-specific enterprise software leader, recognizes this potential. Our approach begins with a robust data platform within the ERP system. By processing vast amounts of data and creating pipelines for additional applications, Epicor serves up actionable insights to users right where they need them.

The Value Proposition

For businesses navigating tight margins, AI offers a lifeline. Epicor focuses on industry-specific, customer-led AI use cases that deliver exceptional value—10x value, to be precise. This transformative technology can deliver improved efficiencies, enhanced profitability, and elevated customer and partner satisfaction. As AI becomes fundamental to business operations, Epicor collaborates with customers and technology partners to shape its trajectory, helping ensure it remains people-centric and purpose-driven.