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The Future of AI

Pioneering innovation and empowering business

January 31, 2024

The AI Revolution

Recent innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) have sent ripples across various sectors. From supply chain management to customer experience, AI’s disruptive potential is undeniable. Future-ready ERP companies recognize this seismic shift and are ready to be a catalyst for change.

Data as the Foundation

At Epicor, our approach begins with data—the lifeblood of AI. By leveraging our deep industry expertise and powerful data analytics, we start with a sophisticated industry-proven, digital data foundation. This foundation, fortified by emerging AI capabilities, paves the road to a more resilient and predictable global supply chain. But it doesn’t stop there.

Integrating Signals and Indicators

Our industry ERP cloud platforms go beyond internal data sources. We integrate external signals and indicators, both within the business and across supply chains. This data-first strategy enables organizations in manufacturing, distribution, retail, building supply, and automotive environments to thrive. Whether forecasting demand or managing accounting and inventory, our AI-enabled insights empower decision-makers.

A Future Shaped by AI

As we stand at the precipice of AI’s integration into everyday business, the Epicor AI  vision remains clear: AI isn’t just a tool; it’s a strategic enabler with virtually infinite potential to reshape industries and redefine business fundamentals. By weaving AI into the fabric of our industry-expert solutions, Epicor helps ensure that businesses stay agile, competitive, and ready for the promise of the what’s next.

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