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Why Manufacturers Need Integrated ERP and SCM Solutions for Enhanced Visibility and Efficiency

May 09, 2024

Writing for Canadian Manufacturing, Kerrie Jordan, group vice-president of product management at Epicor, says, “It has become increasingly clear that gaining visibility into all aspects of your supply chain has to be a priority for forward-thinking manufacturers.” 

In the face of challenging global events, unpredictable weather, delivery issues, and labor shortages, manufacturing leaders need both a big-picture and a minute-by-minute view of their supply chain in order to make key decisions, fast.

Fortunately, Jordan says, companies that combine ERP and supply chain management (SCM) software into a single technology solution can “more easily navigate today’s unpredictable and dynamic industrial and economic landscape, while still managing growth and profitability within their businesses.”

The Value of AI

SCM software collects and incorporates information from ERP systems, digital tools like Internet-of-Things devices, RFID technology, and advanced analytic platforms. It then translates these insights from static records to actionable steps businesses can take to anticipate potential issues and boost efficiency throughout the enterprise.

This is significant, Jordan says, because SCM software that is seamlessly integrated with an ERP system gives users a single source of truth across the supply chain, using AI technology to simulate human problem-solving abilities. This is particularly important during times of disruption due to an unexpected shutdown or natural disaster—when the usual channels are temporarily unavailable, AI-enhanced SCM solutions can step in to do everything from monitoring product quality to finding the most efficient delivery routes.

At Epicor, our cloud-based solutions use real-time data to give you increased visibility into your supply chains whenever you need it. Is your business prepared to lean into the future of manufacturing, while staying one step ahead of the competition?

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