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Made With You, For You: Industry Insights

With front-line knowledge of the industry backstory, Epicor employees meet customers where they are—featuring David Berg, Gordon Skogsberg, and Luke Kotsmith.

June 24, 2024

A Message from Steve Murphy, CEO

“My first job out of college was as a process engineer for Procter and Gamble.  For three years I worked in an enormous factory that produced everything from laundry detergent to cake mix. Not only was it fascinating to experience what the plant could produce at scale, it was also clear that any glitch in the machinery or software could bring the whole process to a standstill—and that did happen. 

I was greatly impacted by working on the shop floor, and experiencing the pressure and satisfaction associated with running an operation of that size. Precision, accuracy, and flexibility were the key determinants of whether or not the systems would meet our requirements—which is why I value software that is made with the utmost specificity. When it comes to software and systems engineering, I will always take the perspective of the shop floor operator when I posit whether a system is good enough.

At Epicor, my experience working on the front lines of a supply chain industry is not unique. Our company is filled with employees who have overseen orders, grown distribution businesses, implemented new technology infrastructure, and other tasks that Epicor customers do every single day. When we say made with you, for you—we really mean it.


Inside Industry Knowledge That Helps You Think Outside the Box

When you’re contemplating big changes in technology for your business, you may turn to a prospective solutions partner to give you the details about the features, benefits, and cost of a new system. But what if that partner not only spoke to how the system would work functionally, but could explain—with front-line knowledge—exactly what that functionality means to the day-to-day activities of your shop floor, warehouse, or store? At Epicor, we do just that—many of our employees currently working with customers came directly from the businesses they now serve, an advantage they put to good use every day.

Blending Expertise and Understanding 

Combining high-level understanding with big-picture knowledge is a vital part of top-level customer service. Epicor Account Manager David Berg has seen processes and businesses transform in ways that demand flexible solutions, from his earliest days working in the machine shop at his family’s auto parts store in North Dakota to taking over the business and running it for 12 years. In his current role with Epicor, he helps some of the largest automotive companies (such as General Motors and Napa Auto Parts) with business intelligence, eCommerce, and technology infrastructure. 

David cites the trend toward consolidation as an example of a change in the automotive landscape that Epicor applications can help companies navigate. As the industry as a whole continues to evolve, he adds, Epicor products will evolve with it. “The technology of vehicles has changed things. Not just at the distribution level but also at the service repair level.” 

“We always make sure our prospects know that many of us came from within the industry we’re selling into, which is why we understand their business and issues so well.”

Kevan Henderson 
Solutions Engineer – Retail │ Epicor

Another Epicor expert who grew up in the business, building houses with his dad, Gordon Skogsberg feels that his lifelong knowledge is particularly valuable in the building supply industry. “Lumber is not like other businesses,” he says, adding that customers gain so much confidence when they realize they are working with a team that understands “countless things…both the millwork side and the technology side.” In his daily work, he uses his industry expertise to help customers make important transitions in their processes.

“Everybody thinks they have to do it the way they’ve been doing it, and I tell them, ‘You didn’t buy a new ERP system to do things the same. We can always improve.’” Although he has held a variety of roles within Epicor, Skogsberg enjoys his current role as a Professional Services Consultant the most because of its direct interaction with users of the system. “I relate well to customers,” he adds. “But that could be anyone on the great team we have.”

Writing the Story 

Luke Kotsmith would agree. “I’ve been in the industry since diapers,” he says. “My mom and dad are fifth generation in the lumber business.” After his own 17-year career in the industry, Kotsmith took his interest in “technology, change management, and finding new ways around the business” to Epicor, where he currently works as Territory Manager, US. Like Skogsberg, he has no doubt that his ability to “talk the talk” is an essential part of successful customer relationships, whether he’s discussing processes or labor shortages. “When we do discovery calls, we can really do a deep dive into their business, and create a story to go with the demo.” 

Kotsmith says he is honest with customers about the often complex nature of implementations. But, he always adds that the payoff will be worth it, as it reflects the long-term commitment a business has to its people. “Successful businesses are willing to invest in software to make employees’ lives better. They’re putting their employees first.”  

Partners that can tell you about their solutions are great, and can help your business get started. But partners that can show you, with an insider’s eye, how data-driven solutions can truly make a difference for your company—that’s why “Made With You, for You” matters in customer experience. 

See how Epicor knowledge and expertise can make a difference for your business.

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