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A Passion for Excellence

Recognizing the role of our channel partners in the Epicor family

December 07, 2023

Our valued channel partners reflect our commitment to Made With You, For You. Every day, they use their industry experience and customer service knowledge to empower Epicor businesses with the insight advantage. Recognizing their dedication to customer experience through our Channel Partner Program Awards reflects the vital role our partners play—they are truly extensions of our company, working tirelessly to help businesses thrive, grow, and transform at every level of the industry value chain.


Global Partner of the Year

ComTec Solutions, USA

 ComTec also received the Regional KNA Excellence Award for the USA (West), and the Marketing Excellence Award.

 Our most prestigious award recognizes the highest level of collaboration, innovation, and excellence throughout the customer journey.

 ComTec is an IT industry leader, helping provide managed services and Epicor solutions to a variety of industries including precision optics, machine building, industrial equipment, and many other discrete manufacturing sectors. In 2014, ComTec reached the highest level of achievement, Epicor Platinum Partner status, and has maintained its status to this date. The company continues to add the latest in IT offerings while helping customers with ERP implementation and training—guiding each customer on a clear path to productivity and profitability. 

Every day, our partners enhance customers’ growth potential and customer experience. We’re proud of their work, support, and engagement, at all levels and regions. Our awards illuminate their unique contributions to key areas of the ERP journey:


Platinum Partners



With years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry, Cre8tive helps companies achieve compliance, enhance their ERP with industry software solutions, and benefit from personalized support as the foundation for a strong and lasting business relationship.

 Cre8tive also won the Regional CAM Excellence Award for the USA (West).

2W Tech

A long-time Epicor partner, 2W Tech supports manufacturing clients with implementation expertise and longtime industry knowledge, delivering a seamless and user-friendly experience every time. 2W Tech’s Epicor in Azure offering allows customers to manage their entire infrastructure in a single hosted environment.

 2W Tech also received the Regional KNA Excellence Award for the USA (East).



SixS Partners

SixS is a North America-wide ERP training and consulting firm with team members across the United States and in several Canadian provinces, providing clients with support and guidance, through go-live and beyond.

 SixS Partners also won the Regional KNA Excellence Award, Regional CAM Excellence Award, and Sales Engineer Excellence Award for Canada.




Auros is a consulting firm focused on helping improve the efficiency, profitability, and productivity of clients, empowering them to get the best results from their ERP solutions.

 Auros also won the Regional KNA Excellence Award and the Regional CAM Excellence Award for Lat Am.


TCP provides Latin American companies with access to world-class business solutions, along with the technology, skills, and resources to implement them. They work alongside clients to drive growth and long-term success.


Gold Partners



Encompass delivers generations’ worth of industry knowledge and best practices, along with modern methodologies, to help your organization work more intelligently, scale with demand, and drive profit.


Accelerate your business with EpiCenter’s ERP cloud services, relationship management, electronic content management, global business management, project management, and more.

EpiCenter also won the Regional CAM Excellence Award for the USA (East).

Sage Clarity

With Sage Clarity’s suite of Industry 4.0 accelerator apps, you can accelerate speed and agility without sacrificing governance, risk compliance, and stability of Level ISA985 and Level 1-2-3 systems. 




Concerti helps businesses optimize their processes by integrating comprehensive management software specifically designed for individual companies. They work in compliance with corporate culture while fostering collaboration.

 Concerti also won the Enablement Excellence Award for Canada.

EC Solutions

EC solutions is dedicated to helping manufacturing companies streamline and enhance their business processes, by offering tools to build efficiency while adapting current methodology to ever-evolving markets.

EC Solutions also won the Enablement Excellence Award for Canada.

We congratulate all of our partners—they have exceeded expectations, delivered results, and consistently engaged customers. They share our values and reflect them in their daily work.


Learn more about our dedicated, focused channel partners, and how they can make a difference for your business.