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Flexibility to Keep Ahead

Uncertain demand, volatile costs, and shifting tastes. All put pressure on furniture and fixture manufacturers--and with pandemic supply chain woes barely over. Manufacturers must constantly adjust their processes to:

  • Correctly price new products and custom orders
  • Incorporate a wide variety of new inputs, from new organic or sustainable materials to electronic “smart furniture”
  • Rethink regional and global supply chains
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Use Your Data to Operate More Efficiently and Adapt Faster

Gain a Complete View of Your Business

With integrated ERP technology, seize control and visibility into vital business areas, from inventory and purchasing to order entry, production, engineering, customer service, and finance.

  • Comprehensive ERP, materials resource planning (MRP), and product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities
  • Integrated inventory management and warehouse management (WMS)
  • Advanced planning and scheduling to reduce waste and control costs
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Improve Lead Times and Customer Satisfaction

Advanced planning and scheduling features to better manage incoming orders and provide shorter lead times. Accurately configuring complex made-to-order products to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency.

  • Easy-to-use scheduling tools
  • Capable-to-promise functionality
  • Rules-based product configurations for made-to-order products with thousands of options
  • eCommerce solutions that offer configure price quote for customers and dealers, right from your website and dealer portal
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Use Your Data to Optimize Planning and Product Costs

Build forecasts and pricing with accurate costing at the product level, even with engineer-to-order work. Successfully match material purchases with production needs. Schedule downtime with inputs from machine data. Build "what-if" scenarios to mitigate risks.

  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Sales management
  • Inventory management
  • IoT (internet of things)
  • Business intelligence

Challenges Solved for Furniture and Fixtures

70% of frontline workers say their company prioritizes upskilling.

Find out how investing in technology and employees can boost morale—and your bottom line.

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