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What is Prophet 21 Inventory Management?

Maximize Your Investment

The inventory in your warehouse is at the heart of your company. Too much of something and you don’t have room for what your customers want. Run out of an item and it could cost you lucrative business. Prophet 21’s inventory management tools let you increase inventory turns while reducing your investment.

Capture information on inventory changes, allowing for accurate data when making purchasing decisions. Have multiple branches? Centralize your inventory with the Prophet 21 regional distribution center inventory management capabilities, enabling you to reduce overall inventory levels.

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Benefits to Distributors

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of ordering the right amount of inventory. Prophet 21 uses industry-proven weighted averages, standard reports, and user-defined formulas to identify the demand pattern of every item you stock.

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Improve Inventory Control

Track lots specific to the particular needs of your business and your customers. Assign each lot an individual number to make tracking a product’s genealogy easier. You can even assign multiple attributes to each.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Ensure that you have the right products on hand for quick and accurate fulfillment. Create a smoother flow of goods to your customers, at a lower cost, and with greater insight into demand changes.

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