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Streamline Processes and Improve Customer Service

Integrated within Prophet 21, the CRM tools enable you to quickly and efficiently manage prospect, customer, and contact information— from opportunity to quote to order. Data housed within Prophet 21’s CRM can be mined for insights, used to automate marketing and sales processes, forecast future sales, and much more.



Centralize Customer Information

Develop targeted marketing campaigns, identify new opportunities, and close more deals with immediate, hands-on access to prospect, customer, and contact information. Sharing the same database with Prophet 21, the native CRM tools provide ready access to all of your customer data.

Salesforce Automation

Every minute a salesperson spends looking for information takes away from time spent selling. Prophet 21’s integrated CRM provides your sales representatives with lead generation tools to manage their pipeline while up-selling/. to customers. Leaders can track lead/sales progress by defining opportunities and reporting on pipeline activity.

Marketing Automation

Prophet 21’s CRM enables your marketing team to fax and email directly from the system, produce lead generation call lists, and manage call center activity—empowering you to increase your customer base at a minimal cost.