Customer agreements and other terms and conditions for Epicor product and service offerings

Each customer agreement with Epicor consists of an Order, Master Customer Agreement (MCA) Master Terms and Conditions, one or more Product Supplements specific to the product or service type(s) acquired, and where applicable, a Service Level Agreement (SLA), Services Specification and/or Data Processing Addendum where specified.

A customer Order may also be subject to product-specific terms and descriptive information for select Epicor products and services identified with a hashtag (#) symbol and terms governing certain third-party applications identified with an asterisk (*). Read More

Master Customer Agreement (MCA) Master Terms and Conditions

The Master Terms and Conditions (Master Terms) describe general legal terms that apply to customers who acquire products and services from Epicor

Epicor MCA Master Terms and Conditions
(Updated June 3, 2019)


Product and Service Specific Supplements

One or more Product Supplements also apply to specific products and services customers acquire from Epicor

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SLAs, AUPs and Services Specifications

Certain product and service offerings are subject to Service Level Agreements, Acceptable Use Policies and/or Services Specifications

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Epicor Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

The Epicor Data Processing Addendum (DPA) is applicable to customers for whom Epicor processes “Personal Data” as defined under the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Epicor Data Processing Addendum
(Updated May 15, 2018)