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The General Store, located in Martin, South Dakota, is a large operation with a 10,000 square foot retail hardware and farm store, and 12,000 square foot lumberyard and warehouse. For 34 years, this single-store retailer has provided products to farmers and ranchers, earning its name and reputation as the general store. From items in plumbing, electrical, clothing, and fencing to paint, hardware, and lumber and building materials, this retailer has developed a truly diverse inventory. The General Store has relied on the Epicor Eagle business management solution to manage its inventory and business transactions. Most recently, the owner, David Jones, decided to add Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager to be able to perform on-the-fly price checks, leading to improved customer service and sizable time savings.

Easy access to inventory information

The retailer first encountered Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager at a buying show. “When I saw that Mobile Manager would allow me to do price checks from a smartphone, whether I was in the store or off-site, I knew it would be a valuable asset for the business,” said David Jones, owner of The General Store. “Now, when a customer calls to ask if we have a certain item, I can instantly give them an answer, without putting them on hold to go to a terminal or walk through the store.”

The ability to perform quick price checks over the phone saves significant time. “I don’t have to run back and forth to answer a customer’s questions,” said Jones. “I can talk with them, scan the item, and have the information to give them right there on the phone. Since I’m looking up items two or three times a day for customers, this has been a huge time savings.”

When Jones is at a customer job site, he now has inventory and pricing information at his fingertips. “If I’m at a job site with a customer, and the customer needs more lumber, I can immediately tell them how much we have in stock and the pricing,” said Jones.

Sales don’t have to wait until I return to the store. The fact that I can access the information right there really impresses our customers.

When Jones is away from the store, he can use his smartphone to assist employees who are unsure about the accuracy of an order and keep track of what is happening in the store. “If an employee is not sure what quantity of an item to order, I can check on my smartphone and see how many we have sold and whether it’s a seasonal item,” said Jones. “I can provide information to my employees so that they make more informed orders. It’s great to have that freedom to provide support employees from wherever I am. It’s also reassuring to keep track of sales and store activity while I’m away.”

Better equipped buying

Jones found that using Mobile Manager at buying shoes exceeds his expectations. “At the first show I attended armed with Mobile Manager, I couldn’t believe how valuable it was,” said Jones. “We used live data on our smartphones to evaluate whether quantity discounts and show specials were good deals for our store. In one case, we didn’t buy items that I know we would have without the current sales data. In another case, we bought a pallet load of product, when I know I wouldn’t have had the confidence to commit to that quantity. With Epicor Eagle Mobile Manager, we make better buying decisions and are able to determine whether show specials or discounts are right for our business.”

“Mobile Manager has made my life a lot easier,” said Jones. “It is so convenient and has already saved me a lot of time. I highly recommend it for retail operations similar to ours.”

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Company Facts

  • Location: Martin, South Dakota
  • Industry: Farm/Ag, Hardware and Home Center
  • Number of Stores: 1
  • Affiliation: Ace Hardware


  • Manually finding information for customer requests
  • Inability to answer product questions while out of the store
  • Obtaining the necessary information to make informed ordering decisions


  • Improved customer service and time savings when answering product questions
  • Instant answers from anywhere
  • Informed buying decisions at buying shows
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