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Hartville Hardware and Collectibles

Hartville Collectibles, located 20 minutes from Akron, Ohio, is part of the family-owned and operated business Hartville Hardware which also includes a restaurant and hardware store. Hartville Collectibles sells women's apparel, accessories, gift items, décor like Thomas Kinkade paintings, and figurines to a primarily female customer base. From Vera Bradley and Brighton Jewelry to Life is Good apparel and Crocs, the store offers brands that customers want. What began as a small gift shop inside a restaurant in 1972 has expanded to a gift and collectibles shopping destination.

I strongly recommend Eagle for collectibles or gift shop retailers. The system is very reliable, it easily handles collectibles inventory, and we have reports needed for solid decisions.

Jade Liechty
IT Manager | Hartville Hardware and Collectibles

Reliable technology partner meets collectibles needs

Hartville Hardware began using an Epicor system in the 1980s, and Hartville Collectibles soon followed suit. The owners had been looking for a point of sale system for the collectibles business, and it made sense to go with the same technology partner, since Epicor had a great track record of handling inventory intensive businesses. "Hartville Collectibles uses the Eagle system for point of sale, inventory maintenance, physical inventory, and accounts receivable," said Jade Liechty, IT Manager of Hartville Hardware and Collectibles. "It empowers us to more easily receive and sell items. And it's very easy for the sales team and cashiers to use."

Collectibles businesses have a unique challenge that Eagle meets with ease. "Collectibles vendors are often smaller so they don't tag their products with UPCs," said Liechty. "Instead, we have to print out price labels for those items. With Eagle, that's a very easy process and doesn't add extra time to receiving, labeling, and pricing."

Sales information drives decisions that increase revenue

Hartville Collectibles relies on Eagle to run and deliver reports automatically. The president looks at reports almost daily and uses product sales data to help make better, more informed purchasing decisions. "Owners and managers take detailed reports to buying shows so they have the information they need to buy the right products in the right quantity," said Liechty. "Recently, the president ran a report to see what was selling well and what should be discontinued. He was surprised to see $4,000 in sales for hair ties. He spoke with the vendor about how to better display the hair ties, and after a simple adjustment to the display, they sold like crazy. There was no way he would have known that a little hair tie was selling so well without the report. He also expanded our Pandora Jewelry area after analyzing sales history trends for Pandora products. We are seeing revenue increases there as well."

Identifying VIP customers increases loyalty

Hartville Collectibles uses Eagle reports to track customer purchases and identify top customers. They then do exclusive events for those VIP customers. For example, top Pandora Jewelry customers are invited to get their bracelets and rings cleaned and preview what's new and upcoming. "Our customers love our private events. We host a VIP ladies' night that has been really successful," said Liechty.

"After the store closes, they get a private shopping experience, complete with special discounts." Eagle system improves collectibles business Hartville Collectibles runs smoothly because of its Eagle system. The president makes better purchasing, merchandising, and sales decisions, especially as a man purchasing for a predominantly female clientele. "I strongly recommend Eagle for collectibles or gift shop retailers," said Liechty. "The system is very reliable, it easily handles collectibles inventory, and we have reports needed for solid decisions. We also gain valuable knowledge from the large base of Eagle users across many types of retailers."

Company Facts


  • Running a dynamic, inventory intensive collectibles business
  • Purchasing the right quantities of the right merchandise



  • Increased sales by identifying top-selling items and remerchandising according
  • Improved customer loyalty by hosting private events for top customers

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