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Alamo Ace Hardware and Garden Center

Moving from ECi RockSolid POS to Epicor Eagle N Series software improves business management

Alamo Ace Hardware and Garden Center is a high-volume Ace Hardware business that was founded in 2009. Some 100 employees in two Northern California locations help customers locate the right products in hardware, lumber and building materials, garden supplies, Benjamin Moore and Clark + Kensington paints, pool accessories, and more. Additionally, they offer a unique handyman service for home repairs. The company prides itself on their friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff.

In order to compete against big box hardware retailers, Alamo Ace knew it needed a powerful, yet easy-to-use business management solution to operate the business and thrive in a competitive market. Management found the user-friendly functionality, accessible reporting and business analytics in the Epicor Eagle N Series retail business management solution to be the best fit for their business.

Proven solution meets robust business needs

Alamo Ace was operating with the ECi RockSolid POS system for a short period and became frustrated with the solution's reporting capabilities and limitations in running their two-store business. For example, the inventory control and sales reports were not extensive enough for the business' needs. Alamo's management team chose the Epicor Eagle N Series solution that was fully capable of handling their substantial reporting requirements, large inventory, and multiple locations. “Overall our brief experience with RockSolid wasn't what we expected it would be,” said Andy Carpenter, manager at Alamo Ace Hardware and Garden Center. “We were led to believe the solution had capabilities that it just doesn't have.”

More time to focus on customers

Simplified workflows with Epicor Eagle N Series software gives Alamo Ace staff more time to focus their attention on customers. “The functionality within Eagle N Series is much easier for our staff to use, which helps us streamline processes and save time,” said Carpenter.

“Ordering, receiving, and label printing are just a few tasks that are now much more streamlined with Eagle N Series software,” said Keith Gilbert, general manager of Alamo Ace. “For example, steps required to print labels have been significantly reduced. We now print bin tags in four simple steps. This feature alone saves our team at least seven hours every week. With extra time for our staff, we are better able to serve our customers. Overall Eagle N Series software is really improving our productivity.”

Using information to solve problems and improve decisions

Alamo Ace relies on reports and metrics to help make sound decisions. “We realized that the RockSolid solution didn't have the easy access to data that we require,” said Gilbert. “For instance, we like to quickly see activity per cash drawer-bank cards, cash, or checks-so that we understand our sales patterns and can spot potential employee theft issues. We really appreciate the intuitive Eagle Viewers, which are quick snapshot reports we value.”

Epicor Eagle N Series software also supports deep dives into data for even greater understanding. “Right from the toolbar, we have access to analytical reporting with the Epicor Eagle Compass application,” said Gilbert. “We look at our custom inventory, accounts receivable and sales queries and dashboard reports daily, which aid us in making more informed decisions. Eagle N Series reporting really helps us look at our business with both high-level metrics, and detailed analytical data so that we can continually improve operations and increase margins. In a small business like ours, you're constantly trying to figure out where you can be most effective and spend your money the wisest. We wanted to provide all of our employees with the ability to use a computer system and data to deliver the greatest benefit to the business. Epicor Eagle N Series software does just that-it is the right solution for our business. Our money is much better spent with Epicor than any other software provider.”

Company Facts

Location: Alamo and Danville, California

Industry: Hardware, Home Centers, Lawn and Garden

Number of Stores: 2

Number of Employees: 100

Web site: 


Business operations restricted by computer system

Improving inventory management

Time-consuming reporting process


Epicor Eagle N Series

Epicor Compass


New Eagle N Series solution improves business operations and productivity

Easy access to critical business information helps manage inventory

Powerful reporting to help drive business forward

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