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The umbrella under which Mahajak Industry operates is called the Mahajak Group. This corporation comprises 19 companies across various industries, including Mahajak Autoparts Co., Ltd., Mahajak Development Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries-Mahajak Air Conditioners Co., Ltd., in Bangkok.

Mahajak Industry went live with the next-generation Epicor ERP (now known as Kinetic) solution in January 2015. To date, Mahajak Industry has implemented almost all of the Epicor ERP core modules, including finance, supply chain management, inventory management and manufacturing. Currently, there are 35 Epicor ERP users. The company's primary goal in selecting Kinetic was to resolve its current business challenges and promote long-term growth.


The way that Mahajak Industry conducts its business affairs has changed over the years. Client requirements have evolved, and the products that the company offers have evolved along with them. They found, for example, that it was becoming increasingly difficult to work with new methods of business management in their old system. 

In the automotive manufacturing industry, production orders are distributed among manufacturers. However, in order to grow their business through higher profit margins, Mahajak Industry intended to start competing in a different market. To achieve that goal they needed a platform in place that could improve their information management and data visibility in order to enhance their customer service levels.


When it was time to choose a system, the company looked at a selection of ERP (enterprise resource planning) providers. However, in consideration of the size and functionality that they needed in addition to their budget, Epicor ERP was the best fit.

The company encountered some difficulties during the initial implementation stages, but found that Epicor ERP was highly adaptive. When they encountered hurdles they took a second look at how they do business and realized that many of their practices were not ideal. The Epicor support team helped them focus on the important elements of their business in order to improve their workflows. Aswin Kanchanachayphoom, executive director for Mahajak Industry explains, "The implementation process did not take a long time because we prepared ourselves well in advance. It actually took us longer to find the right ERP provider."

Mahajak Industry collaborated with a team of consultants from BizNet, an Epicor authorized partner in Thailand, who assisted end users with full training. Whenever users encountered questions about the ERP solution, they were able to speak with the consulting team for advice.

They saw that Epicor ERP was a solution that could respond to longterm business growth in a flexible manner. Mahajak Industry also appreciated that because Epicor ERP is user-friendly, staff rely less on the IT department to obtain data for better and faster decision making. Business users can now easily manage filters and sort information themselves. "Given that our company is still small, we needed a system that requires minimal IT support. Epicor ERP allows business users to manage, filter, or sort information easily," says Mr. Kanchanachayphoom. "We looked for a system that could support our company's growth in the long run. I believe that Epicor ERP is the solution for our company for the next 10 years."

Implementing an ERP system was essential in order for Mahajak Industry to attain their goal of moving into higher-margin markets. They are now able to quickly gain access to information and view information in real time.

Currently, Mahajak Industry has been focusing on improving their operations further. For example, with real-time data at their fingertips, they can now foresee potential problems and prevent them from occurring. In addition, they can respond quickly when changes are necessary. Overall, the company feels that they are able to ramp up their responsiveness to ever-increasing customer demands, market changes, and 24/7 business pressures in order to compete effectively. This results in a better customer experience.

Mr. Kanchanachayphoom adds, "We are satisfied with the system and we look forward to deploying more modules in other departments. When employees from various departments are able to access the same data simultaneously, they can foresee and prevent any problems. My goal is to create an environment where employees take action quickly and effectively."

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  • Integrating new management methods with existing technology
  • Offering client support and customization options
  • Keeping up with competitors


  • Becoming a forward-looking organization in an emerging market
  • Accessing information in real-time
  • Improving information management
  • Long-term corporate growth
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