Two Integrated Parts of the Same Shopping Cart

Learn why unified commerce matters more than ever to customers seeking a seamless retail experience

With the lines increasingly blurred between online and in-store shopping, smart businesses need unified commerce solutions that include updated capabilities in all selling channels, integrated inventory management, and data-driven loyalty programs.

In their report, Challenges & Opportunities: Unified Commerce for Independent Hard Goods Retailers, researchers from IHL Group explore the most effective ways businesses can optimize each stage of the current and future purchase journey. You’ll learn:

  • How unified commerce helps drive results and profit
  • What to consider when building a successful unified commerce strategy
  • What retailers are doing (and not doing) to position themselves for success in 2023 and beyond

With the right system and tools that support unified commerce, retailers can anticipate customer needs, strengthen the brand, and instill lasting confidence that the store will have what shoppers want, when they want it.

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