Do Retail Better With Thrift-Focused Solutions

Advance your mission, simplify tasks, and grow your revenue

From first impressions to the last step at checkout, you want your customers to share your enthusiasm for your community, your products, and the entire shopping experience. To do this successfully, you need to move beyond a standard point of sale (POS) system to a retail management system (RMS) designed for non-profit and thrift stores.

In our latest eBook, “Doing Retail Better in Thrift: Where Altruism Meets Efficiency,” we explore how Epicor Propello, our retail cloud solution, can help you say goodbye to IT challenges on your journey to simplicity, efficiency, and security.

From flexible rewards programs that delight your customers, to analytics that help you track inventory and control costs, Propello helps you streamline operations without the headaches of servers, hardware, or installations.

Experience the power of Propello and the partnership of Epicor—making a difference in your outcomes while you make a difference in the world.