Omnichannel—Thriving in a Connected World

Surprising and delighting your customers with a seamless retail experience

Communication with customers has never been more important, and shoppers today seek connections with their favorite brands across a wide range of channels.

Our new eBook, The Omnichannel Retailer: Meeting Your Customers Wherever and Whenever They Shop, details six ways to help you strengthen these customer connections and stay competitive in today’s crowded marketplace:

  • Make sure your “core channels” are ready to share your message
  • Try out some additional channels to reach your target audience
  • Set your strategy—how can you turn your value proposition into an innovative plan to engage potential buyers?
  • Show your customers the innovative ways your business is making shopping easier
  • Develop a consistent brand presence on social media
  • Keep customers engaged with unexpected content, new events, and loyalty rewards

When you’re ready to create a winning omnichannel strategy, Epicor solutions can help you manage inventory, measure success, track customer behavior, and more. Smart retailers know that linking what a customer finds online and what they discover in-store builds loyalty and drives results, at every stage of the purchase journey.

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