Digital Transformation Begins With EDI

How Electronic Data Interchange can move your business forward

The computer-to-computer exchange of data and documents in a standard digital format is essential for business trading partners who make, move, and sell the things we all need. Information moves fast, and the flow of commerce needs to keep up.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables one company to send information to another company quickly and efficiently, lowering inventory costs and eliminating the need for a paper-based source and manual processing. EDI delivers value through enhanced supply chain visibility and control. More and more of the world’s most essential businesses are realizing the advantages of EDI as part of their overall digital transformation.

Why You Need EDI Now

As you move away from traditional processes, you’ll discover your company’s potential for improved relationships with partners, customers, and employees. You’ll drive results in so many key areas: cost savings, enhanced accuracy, speed, increased security, heightened visibility, and data management.

EDI Drives Digital Transformation

When you’re able to digitally exchange data with vendors and partners, you’re ready to explore digital transformation throughout your organization. EDI lets you streamline customer service, inventory, and shipment operations, while keeping expenses low. You’ll gain control and visibility into all aspects of your business, making it easier to handle unexpected challenges in customer demand or supply chain.

To prepare for this transition, your workplace needs to support change and begin to evaluate which technology solutions can address your company’s unique needs and challenges.

With Epicor EDI, we’ve been helping businesses begin their journey to digital transformation for 32 years. Our expertise in every aspect of the process, from clear communication to scalability of the system to robust user training and support, gives companies the confidence to move forward.

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