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Hear from an expert panel of business leaders who are working, thriving, and growing with the new consumer horticulture business model.

Visioning to 2025 began in 2021, analyzing the state of the consumer horticulture industry. The series explored the ideas that consumer horticulture had benefited greatly from the pandemic and how we, as a society, had entered into a "new normal." Upon further review into 2022, this series challenged businesses to think about whether the pandemic growth they experienced was sustainable and how they can redefine their pre-pandemic business model to become future-proof.

Now in 2023, the exploration continues with a panel discussion focusing on still-evolving aspects of the post-pandemic business model. Watch this webinar to hear how 3 companies are addressing the changing consumer marketplace.

Our expert panel discusses:

  • Exploring a transition from eCommerce-first to distribution
  • Working through a succession plan, including how to handle the transition from senior to younger ownership
  • Developing a traditional brick & mortar business to include eCommerce selling

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