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Unified Commerce: More than just Omni-Channel retail

Unified Commerce delivers the next step beyond Omni-channel retail. This concept involves introducing technology to the retail functions inside and outside of your store, allowing you to better serve your customers in terms of where, when, & how they prefer to shop.

Every retailer is different, so your strategy to implementing Unified Commerce and the customer journeys linked to it will be unique, but your focus should remain the same: on optimizing and improving your key customer journeys.

Global research and advisory firm, IHL Group, discuss:

  • An introduction to Omnichannel and Unified Commerce
  • Challenges and opportunities for implementing Unified Commerce
  • How you should be transforming your tech stack to support a mix of customer journeys
  • How to identify which customer journeys are most important for your business

Unified Commerce is gaining more attention among successful retailers as the industry moves away from traditional retail customer journeys. If you are a retailer who wants to stay competitive and increase your growth potential, this approach (and webinar!) is essential for you.

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