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Learn how you can make complex hazmat shipping as easy as non-regulated shipping.

Supply chains are unpredictable, but you can minimize the effects of disruptions by automating shipments of dangerous goods. Automation reduces compliance errors and streamlines key processes to improve efficiency. Improved efficiency strengthens your competitive edge with respect to ecommerce, enabling you to meet consumer delivery demands and enabling omnichannel distribution while allowing shipments are compliant and safe. Automation also helps to optimize labor productivity by eliminating hazmat-related delays and enabling your team to be more efficient. In fact, the ability to automate dangerous goods shipments can help you uncover new revenue by providing the confidence to handle hazmat shipments you might otherwise bypass due to complexity and perceived risk.

Bottom line, automating dangerous goods shipping helps you reduce risk factors connected with hazmat transport, and Quick Ship, together with Labelmaster, makes even complex hazmat shipping as easy as non-regulated shipping.

The Quick Ship DGIS hazmat module integrates Labelmaster’s Dangerous Goods Information Software (DGIS) to perform complex validation. With this integration, dangerous goods information appears in the same shipping window as all your other shipping information and is instantly available on every screen in every location of your organization.

Watch this webinar to learn how the Quick Ship integration with Labelmaster can help you:

  • Smooth over supply chain disruptions
  • Strengthen your competitive edge
  • Discover hidden revenue
  • Optimize labor productivity
  • Reduce risk

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