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“Epicor Vision integrated with Epicor Indago™ has dramatically improved inventory accuracy. Geographical cycle counts achieved a 58% completion rate just two-and-a-half months into a six-month cycle - basically within 1/3 of the time previously. And reduced errors in the count process improved picking and shipping processes.” - Trevor Tennant, President at Piston Ring Success Story

In today’s Automotive aftermarket, knowing the location and status of every SKU at every moment is crucial to expediting orders and streamlining workflow. Indago WMS enables customers to maintain strict control over their ever-moving inventories.
Join us on June 6th at 12 pm EST as we take a 10,000-foot overview of the features and functionality of Epicor Indago WMS. Some of the benefits we’ll cover are:
  • Full visibility of the life cycle of the parts, helping accelerate the order cycle time.
  • Improve the efficiency of dealer inventories at every business location, enabling users to reduce stocking requirements for many parts.
  • Optimize the productivity of every warehouse employee and reduce total labor hours while increasing order fill.

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