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Unlock Success with Epicor EDI for Prophet 21!

This power-packed live webinar will help you revolutionize your B2B integration strategy. You get the opportunity to hear first-hand how current Prophet 21 customer, Chris Boyle from Eastern Bearings, successfully migrated to Epicor EDI. He shares their firsthand experience and the incredible benefits they’ve gained from their upgrade.

You also see how Epicor EDI can: 

  • Supercharge Efficiency & Slash Costs - Discover how the Epicor EDI solution turbocharges your supply chain. By automating manual document entry, you’ll reduce costs and streamline processes with your partners.
  • Accelerate Cash Flow - Say goodbye to sluggish invoice processing! Our lightning-fast system ensures quicker payments, boosting your cash flow.
  • Optimize Inventory Management - Faster cycle times mean leaner inventory levels. Avoid stockouts and canceled orders with our enhanced supply chain visibility.
  • Forge Stronger Bonds - Collaborate seamlessly with your supply chain partners. Strengthen relationships, enhance communication, and drive success together.

Watch the recoridng to learn how you can future-proof your business!

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