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Effortlessly integrate and automate scheduled and event-triggered workflows.

Implementing an integration and automation strategy can seem difficult without the proper resources or systems in place to ensure success. We’re excited to bring you a new solution that will help you connect to an industry ecosystem, minimize manual tasks, and digitally transform your operations.

Introducing Epicor Automation Studio, an enterprise integration platform that empowers citizen developers to effortlessly integrate and automate scheduled and event-triggered workflows. With little coding skills required, you’ll be able to connect data, automate workflows, and set up robotic process automations both within Prophet 21 as well as with more than 1,000 external applications and databases.

Take a deeper dive into Epicor Automation Studio capabilities including:

  • Bridging the gap between business users and IT 
  • Providing connector selections for every department
  • Accessing 400,000+ crowd-sourced, low-code automation recipes
  • And more! 

The answers to your integration and automation challenges are included in this webinar!

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