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See what's new for Decor Fusion!

This Decor Fusion support webinar is a part of Epicor's ongoing education series to help our customers get the most out of their solution and leverage available support resources.

During this webinar, we explore Decor Fusion Release 2024.1 and demonstrate the newest features, including:

  • Tokenization: The Magic of Safely Storing and Protecting Credit Card Information
    • Dive into the world of credit card tokenization and protect yourself from data breaches for online transactions, phone orders, and payments on account.
  • Syncing Success: Mastering CRM Calendar Integration with Outlook and Google
    • Discover efficient ways to integrate your CRM system seamlessly with both Outlook and Google calendars.
  • Product Grouping Strategies: Unleashing the Power of Ecommerce Categories
    • Explore effective techniques for organizing and categorizing your products to boost sales and enhance customer experience.

*PLUS* See a demonstration of the new Learning Center in EpicCare! We explain how to register and get access through the EpicCare portal!

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