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Communication Amplifies Swift Resolution

Collaborate, embedded in Epicor, enables real-time access to metrics and alerts, improving inter-departmental communication for smarter decisions.

How to query Epicor data with ease? Just talk to Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA) in Collaborate. Querying Epicor data is straightforward. Easily customize alerts. Receive prompt notifications with actionable data links for streamlined operations. Discuss these notifications and metrics within message streams for quick, informed decision-making.

Collaborate also fortifies compliance with advanced security and moderator roles, making Epicor an efficient hub for team collaboration and intelligence.

  • Real-time access to system alerts and metrics sharing
  • Enhanced compliance and security
  • Unified conversation: Collaborate integration with Microsoft Teams
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Empowered Interactions, Elevated Outcomes

Real-time Access to Alerts and Metrics Sharing

Immediate system notifications with drillable data for real-time updates on key operational events enable proactive team responses.

Additionally, team members can access live metrics from Grow BI, Data Discovery, or Home Page widgets, sharing them within a Collaborate message as an intuitive visual aid.

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Enhanced Compliance and Security

Collaborate ensures enhanced compliance with built-in security, moderating discussions to meet standards like GDPR and SOX.

This minimizes risk and instills confidence among stakeholders, securing sensitive information while promoting informed interactions to foster a secure, regulatory-compliant environment.

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Unified Dialogs: Collaborate Meets Microsoft Teams

Integrate Collaborate and Microsoft Teams for bi-directional communication and document transfer. This bridge enriches interactions with stakeholders like customers and suppliers, driving projects to swift, informed conclusions.

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