The EDA Suite powered by Phocas

All-in-one Platform

The fully web-based EDA Suite integrates directly with your Epicor ERP, providing a single platform for business intelligence and financial planning.

Each product within The Suite works smoothly together, helping you confidently carry out deeper analysis and data-driven planning.

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA)

Human-friendly data analysis that quickly connects cross-functional teams to the same numbers, empowering everyone to do more

  • Gain easier access to consolidated sales and operational data; find instant answers with Phocas AI
  • Automate reports and empower everyone to explore any variable, pivot data, and drill down to transactional level
  • Have full visibility of performance and share insights with reports and dashboards that are easy to customize.

EDA Financial Statements

Built on a BI foundation, EDA Financial Statements automatically pulls data from your Epicor ERP and transforms it into dynamic profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow statements.

  • Enhanced visibility makes it faster and easier to identify problems and drill down to transactional-level data to find solutions
  • Ensure cross-functional teams remain connected to performance with unlimited, customizable reports and dashboards
  • Trust the actuals with no second guessing as formulas and ratios are baked into the tool
  • Have complete control over what people view and edit by setting up permissions at a user level

EDA Budgets & Forecasts

EDA Budgets & Forecasts – built to make planning easier.

  • Integrate up-to-date financial, operational, and sales data for comprehensive planning, including sales and demand forecasting.
  • Create budgets using templates or custom models with detailed sales and inventory data, supporting multi-currency operations.
  • Navigate budget worksheets swiftly, assign tasks securely, add commentary, and see real-time changes.
  • Compare actuals to plans, highlight improvement areas, create rolling forecasts, and sync budgeting and forecasting for accurate cash positions.

EDA Rebates

Stay ahead of multiple payable and receivable programs with automated rebate management that delivers efficient, profitable rebates.

  • Ensure accuracy and avoid overpayments or under-claiming rebates with automated calculations
  • Empower teams with easy access to up-to-date rebate information, enabling strategic decision-making with product offers, pricing and purchasing
  • Create and edit rebates rules in bulk, from simple to complex, saving countless hours of administration
  • In-depth rebates analytics provides clear visibility on margin, profitability and cashflow, driving sustainable growth for your customers and business.


The dashboards provide visual graphs, charts, and tables, so you can quickly review important information about your business performance and make informed strategic decisions. The EDA grid is where you conduct most of your analysis, and you can “drill down” into the data with a simple click to reveal additional levels of detail.


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