DocStar and Karmak Extend Strategic Partnership to Streamline Information Management for Commercial Transportation Dealerships

Austin, TX October 08, 2019
  • “DocStar is proud of its long-standing relationship with Karmak which provides their customers easy-to-use comprehensive enterprise content management and process automation.”
  • - Greg Cooke, Senior Director of Sales, DocStar

Expanded relationship comes as the companies announce a next-gen integration of DocStar ECM and Karmak Fusion to upload transaction data, eliminate keystrokes and support newfound efficiencies

Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that its DocStar division and Karmak, Inc. have expanded into a strategic partnership to jointly develop go-to-market solutions for the commercial transportation sector. The announcement comes in advance of Karmak Conference 2019; DocStar is the Elite Sponsor of the annual event.

Commercial transportation businesses have large volumes of documentation that accompany every transaction. Besides sales receipts and invoices, there are title and lease applications, warranty claims, parts orders, repair orders, maintenance records, credit applications, technical manuals, and many other documents. There are also numerous employee records, including employment applications, tax documentation, and performance information. The expanded partnership between Karmak and DocStar is expected to create a seamless connection between DocStar’s enterprise content management and process automation platform and the Karmak Fusion business management system, which should assist greatly with enhanced productivity, agility, and increased cost savings.

DocStar ECM captures and automatically processes content from multiple inbound sources, including existing document scanners, multi-function copiers and Karmak Fusion screens. As needed, documents are automatically routed for validation/matching workflows and approvals, resulting in saved time, increased user productivity and created efficiencies by eliminating redundant data entry.

“We’re pleased to expand our strategic partnership with DocStar as a preferred provider for enterprise content management solutions”, said Scott Elbring, vice president of sales and marketing at Karmak. “We’ll continue to work closely on a joint product roadmap that further integrates DocStar ECM with our Karmak Fusion business management solution. We are expanding our efforts to offer process-automation and content-management solutions to our customers, enabling heavy-duty businesses to increase productivity, gain better business insights, and collaborate with employees across multiple locations.”

“DocStar is proud of its long-standing relationship with Karmak which provides their customers easy-to-use comprehensive enterprise content management and process automation,” said Greg Cooke, senior director of sales at DocStar. “By employing enterprise content management, dealers can have easier access to documentation from different locations, have improved efficiency, reduced or eliminated physical storage needs via the ability to digitize records, enhanced security and compliance, as well as improved customer service.”

About Karmak

Serving more than 2,200 locations across North America, Karmak is a leading provider of business management solutions in the heavy-duty industry. Karmak’s flagship Windows-based product, Fusion, is designed specifically for the heavy-duty industry and is built to handle all the varied demands of operating a full-service business. To learn more, visit Karmark.

About DocStar

DocStar is a browser-based enterprise content-management and process-automation platform empowering global digital transformation. With DocStar, businesses can better leverage their supply chain and operational areas such as finance and human resources, resulting in revenue and profit growth through lowered costs and improved operational efficiency. DocStar enables growth by helping companies work smarter. DocStar is an Epicor solution. For more information, please visit